Podium Gold Curling Shoe *NEW*

ľ inch slider. Excessive leg thrust can be destabilizing. This fast slider requires minimum thrust to achieve desired speed.

Hinged front slider. Thick Teflon sliders tend to be rigid, rendering even small heel elevation during delivery uncomfortable. Likewise the rigidity results in constant heel rubbing when walking. The front slider is only bonded to the sole for about half itís length, facilitating natural  movement.

Lateral stabilizer. During delivery the natural tendency is for weight to be shifted to the outside of the sliding foot, reducing the surface area from which balance and stability are achieved. The lateral stabilizer, inserted between the outsole and the insole, is a purpose designed plastic which allows longitudinal flexibility, however inhibits lateral flexibility. The result is even distribution of weight across the slider,
a wider balance platform and enhanced stability.
Lace cover. Reduced drag on the trailing foot.

Thinsulate insulation provides warmth and cushioning
Top grain leather upper. Durable on the outside; supple on the inside
Reinforced patch on the inner heel to absorb wear.

With 1/4" Slider, $260.00

Available in right hand and left hand in full and half sizes.
Mens 7 to 12, plus 13, 14, 15, Ladies 5 to 10

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